Acabar con el estigma

Poner fin al estigma es un programa  diseñado para audiencias de estudiantes.   Esta presentación en la escuela está dedicada a brindarles a los estudiantes la oportunidad de aprender sobre las condiciones de salud mental a través de un PowerPoint informativo, videos cortos y testimonio personal.

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*NAMI SF Education Programming Policy: Updated January, 2022


Due to the ongoing pandemic and current spike in Covid-19 cases, all NAMI San Francisco educational programming will be offered virtually for the foreseeable future. Our programs are delivered by staff and volunteers, and their health and safety is our first priority.

We currently offer two presentation formats: virtual for virtual classes (via Zoom) or virtual for in-person classes (via Google Meet). In 2021, we worked with teachers and administrators from public and private high schools to deliver presentations in both formats. 

As an organization we understand the value of in-person education and hope to engage students and faculty in person at some point in 2022. 

For more information or to learn more about our virtual programming, please contact Andrew Tuttle (